This short video was part of a lesson provided to Bolling Military Base for a Hispanic Heritage program. This shows an explanation of how to do the basic step, and the principle of frame which makes leading and following possible.

Video with common Rueda moves for review:
The steps performed in order are:  Uno, Pa ti pa mi, Dame/Dame Dos, Besitos, Kentucky, Dame, Adios con la Hermana, Dame, Dedo Extended (Dedo directly into Montana), Dame, Setenta, Puente, Dame, Candado.  

Additional selected videos of Cuban Salsa moves:

1.  Evelyn  (in English & Spanish):

2.  Sombrero, Vacila, and Vacilense los dos:

3.  Dedo Saboreado:

4.  Exhibe con Gancho:

5.  Puente Complicado blended with Puente al Revers:

6.   Rubenada, Sordo, Carnival, & Carnival Unisex:

7.  Thalia: 

8.  Exhibe con gancho: 

9.  Below is another video of common intermediate moves:  
The steps in order are: Uno y Dos, Vacila with a shine (i.e. footwork). Then the couples move into a circle and do Dame, Enchufla doble arriba, Sombrero, Besito (an "air kiss), Chevaria (3 twists), Puente (the "bridge" move), Balsero, Pa ti pa mi, Kentucky, Pelota con dos, Adios con la Hermana, Dame, Dame dos, Dame arriba (going back to the previous partner), Photo, Beso, Setenta, Enchufla con mambo, Dedo, Adios, and Candado.

10.  At this link, there is a video of the following moves (all of which were taught at a big event in NY): Choco, Calvo, Azuquita, and Carnival.

Big thanks to all those who helped in the preparation of these videos--Ilene, Rita, Sheila, Rodrigo, Anka, Fred, Monica, Yadiel, Yvonne, Anna, and others--as well as to Glen for patient instruction in bringing many of these moves to life.