This short video was part of a lesson provided to Bolling Military Base for a Hispanic Heritage program. This shows an explanation of how to do the basic step, and the principle of frame which makes leading and following possible.


USEFUL PLAYLISTS:  This is a series of instructional videos that explain basic and intermediate Salsa steps for one on one dancing and for Salsa Rueda circles.  This is a series of "walk-throughs" of advanced Cuban moves.


1.  ONE ON ONE SALSA--L.A. Style

There are several styles of Salsa.  Below are youtube links that show Barb teaching basic steps for one on one Salsa ("L.A." Style Salsa).  The underlying rhythm of Salsa is to step on 3 out of every 4 beats in the music.  This is often referred to as a "quick quick slow" rhythm.  A "quick" is a step held for one beat and a "slow" is a step held for two beats.

a. Instructional Video on "Basic L. A. Style Salsa."    This covers Basic, Side Rocks, Right Turn, She/He Turn, and Cross Body Lead.

b.  Salsa Lesson, part 1  

c.   Salsa Lesson,  part 2

d.    Salsa Lesson, part 3


Below is a link showing Merengue instruction.  This is a Latin Club Dance where the underlying rhythm is to step on every beat.  So the rhythm would be referred to as "quick quick quick quick."   This video also covers "Cuban Motion" which is the hip sway seen in all Latin dances.
3.  SALSA RUEDA MOVES--Cuban Style

The remainder of this page has demonstrations and explanations of  Salsa Rueda moves.  These are Cuban Salsa moves done in a Rueda circle formation.

a. This is Instructional Cuban Salsa Video Part 1.  It explains Basic, Dame, Fly, Besitos, and Enchufla.

b.  This is Instructional Cuban Salsa Video Part 2.  It explains Enchufla Doble, Enchufla con Mambo, Festival de Enchufla, Pelota Con Dos, Pelota Con Quatro, Foto, Adios, and Uno.

c.  This is Instructional Cuban Salsa Video Part 3.  It covers Pa Ti Pa Mi, Adios con Hermana, Kentucky, Adios Arriba, Enchufla Arriba, Pelota Loca, Enchufla con Exhibe, and Candado.

d.   This is Instructional Cuban Salsa Video Part 4.  It covers Uno y Dos, Sombrero, Vacila, Beso, Balsero, Balsero y Beso, Dedo, Montana, Dedo Extended, Siete, Siete Moderno, Siete con Coca Cola, Abanico, Setenta, and Sombrero de Manny.

e.  The two videos below show an array of basic and intermediate moves done in a circle.  It is noteworthy that in each video, all but a couple of moves are explained in one of the above four part Cuban Salsa Videos.  So this essentially demonstrates how a nice performance can be done using these basic and intermediate moves.
    1.   The steps performed in order are:  Uno, Pa ti pa mi, Dame/Dame Dos, Besitos, Kentucky, Dame, Adios con la Hermana, Dame, Dedo Extended (Dedo directly into Montana), Dame, Setenta, Puente, Dame, Candado.  
    2.   The steps in order are: Uno y Dos, Vacila with a shine (i.e. footwork). Then the couples move into a circle and do Dame, Enchufla doble arriba, Sombrero, Besito (an "air kiss), Chevaria (3 twists), Puente (the "bridge" move), Balsero, Pa ti pa mi, Kentucky, Pelota con dos, Adios con la Hermana, Dame, Dame dos, Dame arriba (going back to the previous partner), Photo, Beso, Setenta, Enchufla con mambo, Dedo, Adios, and Candado.

Below are additional selected videos of Cuban Salsa moves:

1.  Evelyn  (in English & Spanish):

2.  Sombrero, Vacila, and Vacilense los dos:

3.  Dedo Saboreado:

4.  Exhibe con Gancho:

5.  Puente Complicado blended with Puente al Revers:

6.   Rubenada, Sordo, Carnival, & Carnival Unisex:

7.  At this link, there is a video of the following moves (all of which were taught at a "Rueda Exchange" event in NY):  Choco, Calvo, Azuquita, and Carnival.

8.  Interested in Cali (Colombian) Salsa?  It's got fast footwork and is very dynamic.  This video explains how to do a short Colombian Salsa solo routine. 

Big thanks to everyone who helped prepare these videos.