DanceInTime has produced many Hispanic Heritage Month Shows for schools, offices, libraries, and organizations which are fun, enriching, and educational. These can include dance instruction, performances, comments about Latin culture and dance histories, and a showing of DIT’s Salsa documentary.  We can explain the difference between Salsa, Merengue, Bachata and Cha cha music and then ask the audience to guess which dance is being performed!  Barbara Bernstein has been a keynote speaker as well.   Click here for a list of DIT’s Hispanic Heritage program venues.

Salsa Lesson at Hispanic Heritage Show for Labor Department- Part 1

Salsa Lesson at Labor Department- Part 2

Salsa Lesson at Labor Deparmtent- Part 3

Salsa Performance at a Clothing Manufacturing Company

Ft. Meade Army Base

Rueda at Ft. Meade
Salsa at Ft. Meade


Environmental Protection Agency / National Defense University

Gaby Garzon presents a Venezuelan Folkloric Dance

"Which dance are you watching" quiz