What's Happening


What's Happening

Stuff Going On


1.  ONGOING Latin Nights and classes

Bossa Bistro in DC has a Latin Night on Fridays with a live band.  DIT's Barb Bernstein teaches Salsa there on the second floor from 9 to 10 pm on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month.  Class members don't have to pay the cover for the open dancing afterwards.  Every Friday night there is a live Latin band and open dancing.   Check out the drinks; the bartender is cool! Address:  2463---18th St. NW; Washington DC 20009.  

And check out the "Classes" page for an up to date schedule of all classes.  Our Saturday class is great fun; and your first one is free with a coupon printed from the website....


If you go to this link, you can buy your very own DanceInTime T shirt!  (DIT gets no profit from this sale FYI.)

3.  recent events

We've been busy!!
a.  DanceInTime ran a Salsa Rueda Boot Camp in Stamford, Connecticut as part of the CT Salsa Festival.  Boot Camp was a blast; check out the video:  

b.  DanceInTime also ran a Rueda Exchange in collaboration with AM Salsa and Martina.   Rueda groups on the east coast from Virginia to Boston participated.  Highlights of that event are here:

c.  DIT performed at the Pride Festival, on a stage bordering the parade route.  We did Ruedas and Diana performed a Colombian Salsa solo! Watch us here:  ll

d.  DanceInTime recently provided entertainment at a wedding...both Latin and some musical theater!  Here is the link:  Enjoy!

e.  At the Veterans Plaza, an outdoor pavilion in Silver Spring, DIT ran a FREE Salsa Night.  Highlights are here: (This program was sponsored by Silver Spring Town Center Inc.)

f.  DIT Salseros were asked to be background dancers in a Fringe Festival play written by Sherrita Wilkins, one of our gang.  The opening and closing scenes were set in a Salsa club so we danced to set the atmosphere!  Check us out:

g.  DanceInTime's Bootcamp was a blast!  Everyone learned a lot from the one day intensive program and some of the participants are joining a Rueda performance for Hispanic Heritage Month. But we were too busy teaching moves to think about the camera, so no photos were taken!  DIT will run another bootcamp in 6 to 12 months. So keep your eyes peeled for another opportunity!

4.  more Cool Videos

a.   "Where the Hell is Matt?” videos are wonderful.  Visit: to see them all.  Matt just released this new video which some local dancers participated in.  (Can you find Barb Bernstein and other DIT dancers in the Arlington, VA footage?)

b.  Here is a video with short clips and photos from some DIT classes, shows, and events in 2016.

c.  This is a show DIT and AM Salsa did at the 2017 San Francisco Rueda Festival


See you on the dance floor!!