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What's Happening

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1.  Get On Our Mailing List

For monthly information on our classes and activities, email  To see the up to date class schedule, visit Classes. The Saturday class covers all levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced.  They are all on the floor simultaneously with a teacher, and then there is a break for open dancing before the second class period begins.

2. Rueda Boot Camp

Let Barb Bernstein and her DanceInTime instructional team (Glen and others) show you how how to "up" your Salsa game!
No matter your level, the DanceInTime team of teachers will work with you to learn as much as possible. This boot camp is guaranteed to be a blast and you’ll learn an amazing amount! 
Included in the cost of $300 is also a FULL pass to the 2017 Connecticut Salsa Fest (which includes 3 evening shows + social dancing + dance workshops).  Note that some of the profits from this event go to St. Jude  Children’s Cancer Research Hospital.

For more details/registration:


3.  Latin Nights

Every Friday at El Golfo’s in Silver Spring is Latin Night.  The evening begins at 7 pm with Cuban duo, Blanco y Negro, who make beautiful music. Class is 9:30 to 10:30 pm.   Then there is open dancing on the floor.  And the Latin Night is free!  Address:  8739 Flower Ave; Silver Spring, MD 20901.

Bossa Bistro in DC also has a Latin Night on Fridays with a live band.  DIT teaches Salsa there on the second Friday of the month from 9 to 10 pm.  (However no class in April---sorry!)  And after that, a DJ plays music for open dancing.  Address:  2463---18th St. NW; Washington DC 20009.  Starting in June, the Bossa class will be the first and third Fridays of each month.


4. Cool Videos

a.   "Where the Hell is Matt?” videos are wonderful.  Visit: to see them all.  Matt just released this new video which some local dancers participated in.  (Can you find Barb Bernstein and other DIT dancers in the Arlington, VA footage?)

b.  Here is a video with short clips and photos from some DIT classes, shows, and events in 2016.

c.  This is a show DIT and AM Salsa did at the 2017 San Francisco Rueda Festival

5.  Making music

For anyone who likes to play musical instruments, this video will amaze you:

6.   Just For FUn

If you could use a good laugh, check out the videos and stories on the “humor” page of this website.  Here are two samples:  treadmill dancing  father daughter wedding dance



If you go to this link, you can buy your very own DanceInTime T shirt!  (DIT gets no profit from this sale FYI.)


This is a short video about the "arts collective" where the DIT class is held on Saturdays.


See you on the dance floor!!