What's Happening


What's Happening

Stuff Going On

1.  ONGOING Latin Nights and classes

DanceInTime teachers now run a weekly Salsa class at Bossa Bistro every Friday night. The class is upstairs from 9 to 10 pm. Note that generally, Barb teaches the second, third and fifth Fridays each month and Chae teaches the first and fourth Fridays. We teach all levels—-learn something new whether you are a beginner or an experienced dancer!  When you arrive, tell the doorman you are there for class, as there is no cover charge for class members. Address:  2463---18th St. NW; Washington DC 20009.  $10/person

Also check out the "Classes" page for an up-to-date schedule of all ongoing classes.  Our Saturday class is great fun and covers all levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced. Each level has a teacher so all can proceed at the appropriate pace. Your first one is free with a coupon printed from the website....  Then: $10/person. Address: 733 Euclid St. NW; Washington DC.

2. Do you dance other styles?

Do you dance three or more styles of dancing in addition to Latin, and are you interested in working with a Fusion Dance Company? If so, contact with a summary of your background. A Fusion Team is working on a show for next spring that will include some musical theater, contact improv, abstract/contemporary pieces, etc. We are currently auditioning dancers with a broad background of dance styles. Rehearsals are alternate Sunday evenings.

3.  upcoming events

On Saturday February 9, Conjunto Bomba is playing at Bossa Bistro and Lounge at 7:30 pm. They play an array of Latin music including Timba and Salsa. Barb Bernstein will teach a free half-hour Salsa class at 6:30 pm before the band begins. (The suggested donation for the band is $10/person.) Address: 2463---18th St. NW; Washington DC 20009.

There is a FREE Salsa class open to the public on Feb. 26, 7-8 pm on the Rockville Campus of Montgomery College. You can drop in and register just before the start of class, or register through the college in advance. Class location is: PE217. The class information is: PFA044; CRN number 34682.
Another FREE Salsa class is offered on March 5 from 7 to 8 pm; this one is at the Takoma/Silver Spring Montgomery location of Montgomery College. The class will be in the Cultural Arts Center Building which is at the intersection of Georgia Ave and East West Highway. You can drop in and register just before the start of class, or register in advance through the college. The class location is: CU205. The class information is: PFA044; CRN number 34638.

DIT is producing a show with performances of many dance styles (Rueda, Salsa shines, Musical Theater, Abstract & Contemporary Dancing, Hip Hop, etc). Some of the dance pieces will be done by the DIT Salsa teams and some by the DIT Fusion Company. Hold these dates: Thursday April 11 at 7 pm at the Sandy Spring Museum is the dress rehearsal for this show with multiple dance styles. We’ll have an audience for that rehearsal and the cost is $5/person. June 9 from 8 to 9:30 pm at the Museum is the final show, featuring “A Night Of Dance.” This will include performances in many styles, from Latin to contemporary dancing as well as some instruction and open dancing! These nights are well worth coming out for!! Address: 17901 Bentley Rd; Sandy Spring MD 20860.

The Baltimore Salsa Congress is taking place Thursday, April 18 to Sunday, April 21. This big event will have parties, parties and more parties—-plus workshops, and performances. DIT will be doing a performance on Sunday evening. And they’ll have lots of great teachers running workshops. The event takes place at the Baltimore Hilton; 401 W. Pratt St; Baltimore, MD. For more info:

The City of Annapolis will sponsor FREE Salsa Nights down by the dock!  It's beautiful there--right by the water and all the sailboats!  They will be 6:30-9 pm on June 30, July 28, and August 25 (the last Sunday of the summer months).  DIT will teach (all levels) and DJ Simon will spin the inspirational music. Join us!

4. New Class starting January, 2019

DIT is offering a new drop-in class for all levels of dancers on the last Thursday of each month at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Silver Spring from 7:30 to 8:30 pm. Free parking in the church lot. We’re in “classroom #1” (also called the “Class Chapel”) which faces the parking lot. Park and look at the building. It’s in front of you toward the left; you can see in the big classroom windows. Class is the last Thursday: Jan. 31, Feb. 28, March 28, etc.
Address: 10309 New Hampshire Ave.; Silver Spring, MD 20903 Cost: $10

5. DanceInTime Shows: Something for everyone!

a. Thursday April 11, 2019.    7-8 pm

From Foreign Folk Dance to Latin Dance, from Abstract/Contemporary to Hip Hop, this “Open Rehearsal" has it all!  Watch how the dancers prepare the final polish to make their work into a finished show!  Rehearsals have a great deal of human interest, as you see how everyone involved interacts and works together!   (Then come back and watch the final show in June and see how we’ve grown!!) To register, email: and provide your name. Please pay the night of the show.  Doors open at 6:30 pm and tickets are purchased at the door.   Location: The Round Room of the Sandy Spring Museum; 17901 Bentley Rd, Sandy Spring, MD 2086.  Cost: $5.

b.  Sunday June 9, 2019.   8-9:30 pm

Join the DanceInTime crew for “A Night of Dance!” Watch dance performances as varied as Foreign Folk Dancing, Contact Improv, Abstract/Contemporary, Latin and more! After the show, the audience will discuss their interpretations and reactions to the dances with the performers, followed by a group dance lesson.  Choose which of several dance styles you would like to learn!  We’ll close with a little social dancing.   To register, email and provide your name.  Then pay at the door prior to the show.  Doors open at 7:30 pm. Location: The Round Room of the Sandy Spring Museum; 17901 Bentley Rd, Sandy Spring, MD 2086.  Cost: $20 for adults; $10 for anyone with a student ID.  

6.  Instructional Videos

Learn the fundamentals of Salsa dancing. This video explains the basic step, side rocks, right turn, and the cross body lead. It is broken down very simply. Watch the video, and then take it to the dance floor!! These moves are enough to get through a full Salsa song---so have fun with it!

This is Instructional Cuban Salsa Video Part 1. It explains Basic, Dame, Fly, Besitos, and Enchufla.

This is Instructional Cuban Salsa Video Part 2. It explains Enchufla Doble, Enchufla con Mambo, Festival de Enchufla, Pelota Con Dos, Pelota Con Quatro, Foto, Adios, and Uno.

This is Instructional Cuban Salsa Video Part 3. It covers Pa Ti Pa Mi, Adios con Hermana, Kentucky, Adios Arriba, Enchufla Arriba, Pelota Loca, Enchufla con Exhibe, and Candado.

This is Instructional Cuban Salsa Video Part 4. It covers Uno y Dos, Sombrero, Vacila, Beso, Balsero, Balsero y Beso, Dedo, Montana, Dedo Extended, Siete, Siete Moderno, Siete con Coca Cola, Abanico, Setenta, and Sombrero de Manny.

Here is a playlist of videos of additional advanced Salsa moves:

7. Laurel rueda Class with chae

Chae will begin offering a class will be on Wednesdays starting January 2 at Extrava-dance Studio (44 Washington Blvd, Laurel, MD) from 7:30-8:45pm. She is a much loved teacher at DanceInTime classes as well as others that she offers! Check out her gorgeous new website:

8. DIT T-Shirt

If you go to this link, you can buy your very own DanceInTime T shirt with an array of color and style options!  (DIT gets no profit from this sale FYI.)

9.  recent shows

a. DanceInTime collaborated with Sinclair Dance recently in a Fusion Company show with this beautiful contemporary dancing.

b. And DanceInTime entertained at a private party with a “Great Gatsby” theme. Complete with fringe dresses and beads, DIT chose costumes to match the period:

10. Humor

You will get quite a kick out of this video: It’s by “OK Go” and it is part dancing, part many other things. Watch till at least 90 seconds in…. It starts out slow and gradually becomes amazing!!


See you on the dance floor!!