Barbara Bernstein's Biography

Bernstein has a background in ballroom, Salsa & Rueda, and foreign folk dance, and has taught at many venues.  She produced shows for the Kennedy Center, the Verizon Center, the Washington D.C. Convention Center, and World Bank Red Carpet Galas. 

Barb loves to teach and was formerly a Mathematics instructor at a small liberal arts college.  She holds a Ph.D. in Education from the University of Maryland with expertise in teaching methods.  She has created many teaching aids to help students learn. 


To help students with rhythm and timing, Bernstein produced "Rhythm Reminder," an instructional CD that helps dancers keep the beat of the music.  She produced a short documentary film about the worldwide popularity of Cuban Salsa (  She has also written articles on dance topics for websites & electronic publications. And Barb is the organizer of the Baltimore Salsa Meetup Group and other dance meetups.

For her efforts, she received a "Tribute To Women in Salsa" Award.  She was also chosen to judge the "World Salsa/Rueda Championship Contest" at the 2004 and the 2005 Salsa Rueda Congress in Miami.  She also judged a competition and taught a "Mega-class" at the Salsa Rueda Competition in Vancouver Canada the next year. In more recent years, she has judged high school and college level dance competitions and received an award at the Baltimore Salsa Congress.  

She appeared with team members on the DC Fox 5 Morning News both in DC and Baltimore. Below is a funny clip from that show:

Barb's team has performed and Barb has taught workshops at the Miami Salsa Congress.  DanceInTime teams have also performed several times at the New York Salsa Congress; in July 08 in Puerto Rico; and many times at the Philadelphia, Baltimore, and the DC Salsa Congresses.  She has run Salsa BootCamps including one  at the 2017 Connecticut Salsa Festival.

Barb's team performed very original routines in 2013, 2014 and 2017 at the Salsa Rueda Festival in San Francisco.  And Barb taught workshops in Dublin, Ireland at the St. Patrick's Salsa Festival on March 19, 2011, as well as teaching in London (May 2015).

She has conducted scores of Hispanic Heritage Shows for offices, school, and organizations all over the Washington DC metropolitan area and beyond.  Barb also conducts programs for Women's History Month/Women's Equality Day, and many private events---large and small.  She loves teaching all levels of students and conducts classes at studios and clubs.  She has also taught at American University, University of Maryland, George Washington University, George Mason University, Peabody Institute for Music and other colleges.

Here's an article in La Voz profiling Barbara Bernstein.