Instructional Videos

Instructional Videos

This page has many videos of beginner, intermediate and advanced moves.  They’re very helpful for recalling the steps!.  

Cuban Moves for One-on-One Dancing

Cuban moves can be danced by two people in partnership, as well as in Rueda circles comprised of multiple couples.  This page addresses how to use the moves you learn in both contexts!

Syllabus of Moves

Dance steps are listed in order of difficulty on this page, along with a short explanation of each to jog your memory of which step has which name.

Salsa Styling

Read about many ideas for embellishing and adding flair to your dance moves!  Then choose what feels natural to you and forge your own signature style!

Blending Moves

Salsa moves can be combined into one long sequence without going back to basic.   This can be done either by doing full moves back to back, or by cutting off the ending of the first move before starting the next move.  This is a powerful tool for creating beautiful, long and impressive looking choreographies—and a lot of nice blends are described.

Tips for Rueda Moves

Check out DanceInTime’s tips for making the moves flow smoothly and feel comfortable to your partner. These techniques also help you stay on beat while doing complex moves to fast music.

Steps for Other Dances

Information on basic steps in other dances: L. A. style Salsa, Cha cha, Foxtrot, and Swing.  (A few simple Foxtrot wedding choreographies are described for those preparing a first dance.)

Instructional Chants

For students learning Cuban Salsa moves, this is a helpful “sing song” instruction on how to execute each move.

Types of Salsa

There are several types of Salsa with slight differences between them which are explained.

Dance Quizzes

Some fun quizzes enable you to test your Salsa knowledge.  There is a quiz for beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers and you can click on a link to see the answers...