DanceInTime performing a Salsa Rueda medley at the DC Salsa Congress.

DanceInTime's performing at another DC Salsa Congress.

DanceInTime dancers show off some fancy moves, sharing the fun with Holly Morris, DC's popular Fox 5 Newscaster.

This is an abstract dance show produced by DanceInTime & Sinclair Dance. Choreography was by Sinclair Emoghene.

Video clips from DanceInTime's Saturday classes.

Salsa Rueda show in NY.

DIT show for another DC Salsa Congress

This collaborative "Salsa Rueda" performance at a Cuban Salsa Night features dancers from multiple Cuban Salsa groups.

All Women's Rueda at a “Women In Salsa” event in DC.

DanceInTime and AM Salsa collaborated on entertainment for a wedding reception at the Fontaine Bleue in Maryland.

Salsa at outdoor Memorial Day event

Cha cha performance at an outdoor Memorial Day event

Rueda at outdoor Memorial Day event

DanceInTime’s Hispanic Heritage Month Program at Florida Southern College. The program began with an introduction to Latin club dances and ended with Merengue and Salsa dance instruction!

Performance at the Ark in Baltimore Part 1

Performance at the Ark in Baltimore Part 2

DanceInTime performance of Bachata Rueda and Salsa Rueda at the DC Salsa Congress.

Cha Cha demonstration at the “Taste of Bethesda” event.

Salsa Rueda at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

DC Dance Festival--Rumba & Cha Cha

Former DanceInTime dancer, Diana Gutierrez-Cardenas choreographed this show with the Mare Dance Team in Colombia South America: .  The routine won first place, qualifying the Mare Dance Team to  represent their country at a competition called "All Dance International" which is held in the US!   Diana had danced with DanceInTime for a year and contributed a great deal to our shows.  Enjoy!!

Also check out this link from a dress rehearsal in April 2019 that included both the Fusion Company and the DIT Rueda Team:
And this is the video from the 2019 Baltimore Salsa Congress show:  and from a show for a Black Tie Fundraiser:

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