Above:  Barb talking to the Voice of America newscasters who did a TV spot about the Salsa class. Spring 2013.

Above: Dancers ready to perform---at the San Francisco Salsa Rueda Festival.  DIT performed to an original song composed by Anthony Francis Rosado. He also sang the opening ballad! Feb. 2013.
NATS Group Pose
Above: Performers at the Washington Nationals Baseball Park, dancing for their Hispanic Heritage Month Program. 9.20.12
Dance in time at the DC Salsa Congress 2011.
Above: DIT performers pose before their show at the DC Salsa Congress. 6/2011
Multicultural dance performers at a World Bank Gala.
Above: Multi-cultural performers pose before doing a show for a World Bank Gala.  To see highlights of the show, click here. 5/2012
Barbara Performing during a Salsa Show
Above: Barb on stage in Miami
Salsa performance at an event in Miami, FL

Above: DanceInTime performing Salsa & Cha Cha in Miami
Salsa performance and interviews on TV show
Above: TV coverage on the Fox Morning News: Newscaster Holly Morris and the DanceInTime crew, 4/4/06. Click here to see Barb teaching Salsa steps to Holly in McLean, VA.
Salsa performance in New York City
Above: Amber performing at the New York Salsa Congress with the DanceInTime Women's Team
Salsa performance in Miami, FL
Above: DanceInTime performs a combined Salsa/Cha Cha routine at the '07 Miami Salsa Congress
Dance in time performing Cuban Salsa
Above: Barb ran a "team-building" dance activity for a State Department Leadership Training Program.  Israeli and Palestinian women leaders came to DC for this training, and visited other US cities as well.  They did some Salsa dancing together as a team-building activity.  The photo shows Barb leading one of the Israeli ladies in some Salsa moves!

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Dance instructor Barbara Bernstein has taught Salsa full time for fourteen years.  She holds a Ph.D. in Education with expertise in teaching methods. Classes are slow and patiently taught for beginners and experienced dancers are taught aggressively so they learn a huge amount in each class. Call Barb at 301-9806043 or stop by the classes to check them out!!  For more details on Barb's background, click here.

DanceInTime has produced Latin/Salsa shows for the Kennedy Center and the Verizon Center, as well as shows in Miami, NY, Puerto Rico, San Francisco, etc.  We perform at parties & events, and run Hispanic Heritage Month and Women's History Month programs. (Government offices can click here for government contract and payment options.)

Research confirms that dancing has tremendous health benefits.  Click here to read more about how music and dancing make people happier and healthier....and then join the party!!
DanceInTime also offers dance cross-training for athletes (see the "dances and more" drop down menu) and Team-Building Programs for schools and offices (click here)

Feel free to contact us (call Barbara 301-9806043) about instruction or events of any size.

For further general information, Click here or visit the "classes" tab or the "shows" tab of this website.

We also sometimes run Latin Nights:  (Click here)

Salsa performance in Washington, DC
Above: The ladies from the Danceintime Women's Team performing a medley routine at the "Tribute to Women in Salsa" show in Washington, DC.  4/08
Martha and Javier performing a tango for the World Bank
Above: Marsha and Javier perform a Tango at DanceInTime's 2012 World Bank Multi-Cultural Performance
DanceInTime performs at an event promoting TV show Dance Your Ass Off
Above: In June 2010, The Oxygen Network did a promotional tour in DC for their TV show "Dance Your A** Off." DanceInTime was asked to perform at this event. (This TV show features people trying to lose weight by dancing.)
Salsa performance at an event
Above: DanceInTime before performing at the Philadelphia Salsa Congress. 7/4/08
Salsa performance in Washington, DC
Above: Performing at the Verizon Center in Washington DC. To see a short video of this show, click here.
DanceInTime performs at a Salsa Congress in Miami
Above: DanceInTime women's team performs at the Miami Salsa Congress 2010

Posing after a Salsa performance.
Above: DanceInTime Women's Team, featuring choreographer Michele Kearney (front), posing before a performance at the Miami Salsa Congress 2010

Above: Barb teaching Salsa at a club in London  5.15

Above: DanceInTime ladies relax before performing at the  Women's History Month program at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. They are sitting in front of a window with a gorgeous view of Baltimore's harbor. March 2012

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